Sunday, May 21, 2017


The Three Fates.
In the Greek myths that I read when I was younger,
thick books filled with bright pictures
balanced precariously on my knees,
there was one story I could never quite forget.
There were others that I liked better,
full of brave heroes and evil monsters,
but that one stuck with me.
It went like this:
there were three sisters,
old woman,
older than the gods who ruled in those myths
older than time itself.
They had different names, sometimes,
depending on who told the stories,
but that didn't matter.
The story always went the same way.
One sister spun the thread of your life when you were born,
each string she held with her gnarled fingers,
the life of one person.
When you were born,
she spun a thread
and so your life began.
The second measured out your life,
peering at the length of it.
Her eyes were clouded with cataracts 
and yet
she exactly how long each one lasted.
It was the third sister,
the eldest of the three,
who was feared the most.
For though
one of her sisters created a person's life
and another measured out the length,
she was the one that cut it
when it was time for that life to end.
A single snip with her scissors
and that was
Game over.
No replay.
You're gone.
Even the king of the titans
could not defy the three sisters
when it was time for his rule to end
and for that of his son's to begin.
I used to wonder,
when I read those myths,
if the last sound the people in them heard
was the snip of her scissors as they closed around their life.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Planning: Who Am I?

Some of my main interests include reading, writing, swimming, and riding my bike. Reading and writing could probably be combined into one for this project because they're so similar, and because I'm interested in them about the same amount. I've loved reading practically since I first learned to, and started writing when I was pretty young, too. My love of words is one of my most defining characteristics, and I can usually be found carrying a book. I'm sure that I could dig up some good pictures of my books or myself reading, as well as writing. I think I could also figure out a way to take some film footage, too, and it would certainly be much easier to do than filming myself swimming since it's still cold out. I think I could definitely do a project on how reading and writing are two important parts of myself. One of my biggest goals is also to get some of my writing published, and I could include something about that in my project.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Cindy Sherman & Brandon Stanton

"Untitled Film Still # 58" by Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman is a contemporary photographer. Her photographs generally feature herself, though they are not self portraits. Instead, Sherman usually wears some kind of costume, so though she's physically in the photo, the picture isn't really of her. For example, at the beginning of her career, Sherman made a series of photos where she was dressed in costumes that someone playing a roles in a movie might wear. Although most of the pictures Sherman takes are of her, it's hard to actually get any of her identity from them because they're all so different. Sherman's photography is unique because she takes a lot of photos of herself, but aren't technically self-portraits because of she wears costumes or otherwise makes it not a self-portrait.

"Humans of New York" by Brandon Stanton

Brandon Stanton is another contemporary American photographer. He's most famous for his project Humans of New York, which is known worldwide and was even made into two books. Humans of New York is a project he started in 2010 where he would photograph random strangers on the street and eventually began to include quotes that they told him. Although the photographs that Stanton takes aren't actually of himself, I think that they reveal how he is interested in the lives of people around him and how he can catch a glimpse of someone's life through the photos. Stanton's work is unique because instead of photography models or carefully set-up situations in a studio, he goes onto the streets and takes pictures of the strangers he encounters there.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Selfies, to be or not to be

I don't really take selfies. I've been in a couple selfies with other people, but I've never actually taken one myself. So I'm probably not the best person to say what the purpose of selfies is when I have a super limited experience with them. I guess, though, that I'd say the purpose of selfies is to take a picture of yourself showing yourself as you want to be seen. If you have another person take a photo of you, you can control how you look in the photo, but not how the overall photo looks. So I'd say that the purpose of a selfie is being able to take a picture of yourself where you can control how to the photo looks overall and thus show a certain side of yourself to the internet.

Again, I'm not really the best person to talk about selfies. Not really having much experience in taking selfies, I'm not really the person to ask whether or not they could be considered art. I think that you can definitely take artsy selfies, and can put effort into getting a good one. But I'm not really sure that makes them art. A lot of selfies are taken really casually, or just for humor or fun. I don't really think you can consider something art if it was just taken for the purpose of being funny. I guess it could depend on why you're taking the picture, if you actually want it look artsy or if it's just to be silly.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017



  • To explore Halloween and its connections to “paranormal” and “levitation”;
  • To learn how Levitation is being used in the world of photography;
  • To make connections from levitation to real-world uses;
  • To create levitation photographs inspired by other amateur and professional photographers.

Looking at examples of levitation photography really helped me understand what kinds of levitation photos could be made for the project. Before looking at the examples, I really wasn’t sure what I wanted my photos to look like. The photos gave me a much better idea of the kinds of levitation photos there are because there was so much variety in the different kinds I looked at. Also, they helped me understand more how levitation photography was actually done and what kinds of ways it could be done. By looking at the photos, I saw what kinds of options I had for levitation photos, as well as different ways that they could be shot. I think that definitely helped me when I was doing my own photos. The link that was the most helpful was the one that had tips for getting a good picture, which really helped me when I was working on my own pictures.

I think that one of the successes in this project was that I managed to get the photos to look the way I wanted them to. I was worried when I first started the project that I wouldn’t be able to make my levitation photos look the way I wanted them to, but I did manage to. I was also worried that I was going to accidentally do something in photoshop that would mess up the pictures and that I wouldn’t be able to undo. Luckily, neither of those things happened. I consider making my levitation photos without too many problems as a success. I’d never used photoshop to do something like this before, so it was a success when I finished.

The most challenging part of this project was definitely using photoshop to create the pictures. Taking the pictures was pretty easy. So was deciding how I wanted them to look. However, actually editing the photos on photoshop was pretty hard. I’ve only used photoshop once before, for another assignment for my photo class that was nothing like this one. I had to learn how to do everything as I was going along, which meant that it was pretty slow and sometimes kind of irritating when I wasn’t sure how to do something. However, I dealt with these difficulties by asking other people questions when I was confused and making sure that I knew how to do things that I wanted to do in my photos.


My Bookshelf
Modern-day Sherlock Holmes.
Aliens on a space station.
An underground cavern full of magic.
Angels and demons and other worlds.
The dark side of Fairyland.
Norse mythology.
A southern swamp with a curse.
A world of necromancers and magic bells.
An immigrant girl with big dreams.
And more.
All of these I can travel to
without setting foot outside my house
just by opening the pages of a book
and letting myself be lost
in the pages.