Friday, June 16, 2017

Assignment that I am the most proud of

I think that I'm the most proud of my pinhole photographs. A lot of pinhole photography is kind of hard do to and sometimes it based a bit on luck–whether you got a picture you liked, whether you exposed it to light long enough, whether the negative looks good as a final photo–so I'm proud that some of my photos turned out nice. I got really good negatives with just the right amount of light and a good subject when I was first doing pinhole photography. I also made sure to develop them well, and when using the negative to create the final photograph, I was careful and made sure to expose it to the white light in the darkroom for the right amount of time again. I'm kind of impressed that the end results turned out so well. I'd also never done anything involving the darkroom or pinhole photography before this assignment, so I'm really proud that my photos turned out looking as nice as they did on some of my first times doing pinhole photography. Overall, the photos that I took using the darkroom and the pinhole camera are some of the work that I'm most proud of.

Most Memorable Experience

One of my most memorable experiences during my photo class was learning how to use the darkroom and how to do pinhole photography. I'd never done anything like that before. It was really interesting to do a type of photography other than taking photos on my phone. I also liked learning how to use the darkroom, which was something I'd been curious about for a while. The photos that I took and developing them in the darkroom was definitely a memorable experience that I won't forget soon. What was especially memorable was the part when I was developing photos and I could turn it over in the developer to see how the photo I had taken turned out. Pinhole photography and the darkroom was a really memorable experience that I'd never done before.

Another memorable experience was learning how to use Photoshop. In this class, I learned how to use Photoshop to make pictures with quotes, levitation photos, and forced perspective photos. Like pinhole photography, it was a new experience that I'd never done before. Using Photoshop could sometimes be challenging because I'd never used it before and was learning everything for the first time, but it was definitely a memorable experience because of that. I especially liked doing the pictures with quotes project because I liked figuring out which quotes went best with which picture. However, I think all of my experiences with Photoshop this semester were very memorable.

Reflecting on my goals for the semester

I think that I did achieve my goals for this semester of photography class. My goals were that I would learn more about photography, enjoy learning about it, and take lots of photos. I definitely think I did all of those. With the biweekly prompts and other opportunities, I took a lot of photos. I learned about different styles and types of photography and what makes a good photograph. I also learned how to use photoshop in a variety of different ways and how to use the darkroom when doing pinhole photography. I also did a project on the history of photography and learned a lot about it from that presentation and the ones other groups in my class did. I enjoyed doing different types of photography and learning about it. So I'd say that I achieved the goals I set for myself at the beginning of this semester.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Scavenger Hunt

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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Pinhole Photography

    1. To understand and demonstrate pinhole photography and how it works;
    2. To become familiar with darkroom processes and procedures.

One aspect of pinhole photography that I learned about was how to take the photos. Before I did pinhole photography, I didn't know about how the amount of time exposed to the light would affect the pictures, and it was very interesting to learn about. A second aspect of pinhole photography that I learned about was how to develop the photos once they were taken. I learned about the the different chemicals that are needed to develop the negatives of the photos and how the photo needs to be in each chemical mixture a different amount of time. A third aspect of pinhole photography that I learned was how the photos have to be developed twice to have an actual photo, not just a negative with dark as light and light as dark. I didn't know much about using the darkroom before this project, so I thought that photos only needed to be developed once.

For me, I think that the most exciting part of the pinhole photography process was developing the photos. Figuring out what I should take a photo of and how long to expose the paper to light were also both fun, but not my favorite part. I liked when you could flip over the photo in the chemical and water mixture after a few seconds to see how the photo had turned out. It was always interesting to see how the photos had turned out, if they were too light or too dark, and what the subject looked like in them. It was also really satisfying when a photo turned out to be good, even just as a negative. Developing the final photo was also a part that I liked because I could finally see how the picture really looked.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Forced Perspective Photographs


  • To continue to develop creative problem-solving skills by creating forced perspective photographs in a unique original way;
  • To practice altering perspective and looking at subjects in a unique way;

  • To further develop your Photoshop knowledge and skills.

I think that the third photo, the one with the shadow hand, is the most successful. I think it's the most interesting to look at out of all the photos. The giant shadow hand is really different from my other ideas. It's also a little creepy to look at, which I was aiming for. This was one of my later photos, so by then I knew how to manipulate Photoshop to do what I want better than in the earlier photos. Out of the four photos I did, I like it the best.

One challenge that I still have when using Photoshop is that sometimes I can't remember or don't know how to do something that I want to do to my picture. However, I can usually solve that problem by asking someone else or watching a tutorial. I still sometimes have problems, but I can usually figure out how to solve them. Another challenge that I had was coming up with good, different ideas for my forced perspective photos. I think that if I was to do this project again, I would come up with as many ideas as possible and take photos for them so I could have a really large selection to choose from.